NVDi Phone App

Development of an 'Access Medway' Phone App

Inspired by the AccessBerlin phone app that identifies transport and services that are accessible in Berlin, NVDi is seeking to develop a similar App for Medway that will also include non-visible disability friendly businesses and services - those that have public-facing staff who have received NVDi training. or similar, such as Dementia Friends training.

A student at the University of Greenwich Faculty of Engineering and Science, Alex Nunes, progressed this idea as a project in 2021.  The University was impressed with this work and are now looking to see how best to progress the App, in association with NVDi. 

This App, or website, could help those with all types of disability find businesses, hospitality, services etc in Medway that they will be able to access and where they will be understood and welcomed.

This concept could also form part of a much wider ranging 'Medway Locals' App to which businesses, service providers etc could subscribe to attract customers or clients.

Businesses that are disabled-friendly can benefit by using this accreditation in their marketing - just like the tourist industry in Berlin uses Access Berlin to attract tourists.