Medway Non-Visible Disability Initiative

Medway Non-Visible Disability Initiative (NVDi) was launched on 3 September 2021, in Rochester Cathedral, and has since developed a programme to raise awareness and make living with a non-visible disability easier and safer. 

NVDi is being run by a Steering Group chaired by Cllr. David Brake. The steering group consists of members from NVD related support groups/ charity organizations, community leaders (councillors etc), academic professionals from universities/ institutions and public health experts from local government organisations. This diverse mixture brings specific skills and expertise to improve local NVD awareness/ services and establish a NVD inclusive community. 

Medway Non-Visible Disability Steering Group:
Cllr David Brake - Medway Council (Chair) 
Phil Bungay - Co-Founder of Medway Neurological Network and a person with Parkinson‛s (Secretary) 
Martin Nagler - Co-Founder Medway Neurological Network (Treasurer) 
Linda Nicolaides - Founder member and secretary Medway Neurological Network
Scott Elliott - Head of Health & Wellbeing Services, Medway Council 
Christine Bostock - Anna Chaplain, Rochester Cathedral
Becky Farley - Commercial Director, Mid-Kent College 
Dan Mace - Head of Community Learning, Medway Adult Education, Medway Council 
Anne Fribbens - Neurology Nurse Specialist 
Henry Iwunze - Director, Home Instead Medway (Equalities Consultant) 

NVDi Stakeholders: 

a.  MidKent College - Being part of the NVDi steering group, they are supporting design, development, and implementation of the level-2 NVD course by channelling skilled human resources and available administration services (awarding the qualification to the participants/course takers of NVD course). 
b.  Medway Council- Being part of the NVDi steering group and an external independent support, Medway Council is parallelly leading the NVDi vision, coordinating NVDi activities through recruitment of a NVDi structure coordinator, supporting future NVDi inclusive strategy. Medway Adult Education is helping develop and deliver NVD awareness courses.

c.  Medway Neurological Network- As an umbrella community support group, MNN essentially supports NVDi with various NVD related campaigns to escalate awareness about NVD and disseminate information about available NVD-related support services. Leaders of the Medway Neurological Network are exclusively and independently involved in NVDi being members of the steering group committee.

 d.  University of Greenwich, Faculty of Engineering and Science – The University is potentially ready to support the development of a NVD friendly smart phone application/website over a pilot phase. 

Medway NVDi is currently operating as a Community Support Group, under Medway Neurological Network governance.

The work is being sponsored by: Rochester Riverside Community Board and by Safer Kent 

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